Insurance Claims

Insurance Claims

Ensuring your replacement goes smoothly

If you have lost something, or it has been stolen, we can help you replace that item. We are on the approved vendors list of most insurance companies, so if you come in with your claim, we can provide a “one-stop” replacement experience – we contact your adjuster on your behalf, and provide them accurate replacement information for your items, and help get your claim handled quickly.

Sadly, insurance claims due to robbery are rising. When something like that happens, it’s a traumatic situation for everyone involved. Here is some information that you might find useful:

A jeweller is often called upon to help an insured replace the items that they have lost (as best as possible).

In the event of a robbery, you contact your insurance company and the adjuster will talk to you about your claim. There is usually a limit on your coverage, and a “deductible”. This is why it’s important to get your major jewellery items (like engagement ring, wedding rings, or anything of moderate to high value) appraised by a graduate gemologist.

Usually, we all have some coverage under “household goods” but most people don’t realize that the coverage for that, is used up fairly quickly by the odds and ends (chains, earrings, charm bracelets) that you own, and therefore isn’t enough to cover your major items.

We often run across people who are sent to us, and have a list of, say, 20 items and when we call the insurance company, are advised that there is only $2,000 coverage for them under household, and no “scheduled” items. This means we have only $2000 to replace 20 items, which simply won’t work.

You’re faced with trying to replace a couple of your more important items, and leaving the rest. It’s best to use household coverage to look after the number of smaller items you have, and get your main items appraised, and “scheduled” (special coverage, just for that item).

Most people have a “family jeweller” that they’ve used for a long time. If you have an insurance claim, the adjuster may suggest a different jeweller to you, but you can still go to your regular jeweller if you want to. Most insurance companies will “shop around” to find a good price on items and service, and will therefore ask you to go to a specific place.

If you’re still interested in replacing the item at “your” jeweller, you can.

If you’ve been the victim of a robbery, or have some jeweller insurance claim-oriented questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

Or, call us at 780.428.1542 and ask for Claudio and we can help you.